Welcome to Elf, the Online Half-lead Spliced Composing Engine

This is Elf Undómiel D, compatible with the Sun Java Plugin.

Elf is here to help you find touches and quarter-peal compositions of half-lead spliced. It is an online composing engine - you tell it which methods to use, and how long a touch you're looking for, and it does the rest. Here's a summary of the features Elf provides:

  1. Choose any number of Surprise, Delight or Treble-bob Major methods to splice.
  2. Select any number of parts and any number of leads in the part.
  3. Find touches with or without calls.
  4. High speed composing engine - capable of processing millions of leads per second.
  5. Composition results sorted by music and method balance.
  6. Runs off-line once the "Composer" page has downloaded - you don't need to stay connected.
  7. Sophisticated pruning options to speed up and target your search.
  8. No knowledge of composition or computers required!
On the downside, there are some things that Elf can't do. It is designed for Major methods only; and finding peal lengths is too big a job for it.

If you're interested in trying Elf, you'll first need to check that your computer and browser meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Chrome, Mozilla/Firefox, Safari, IE 5.0 up, or Netscape 7.0 up.
  2. A Java VM must be installed, such as the Sun "plugin". Click the Java help link for more information.
  3. Fast processors are good, but any modern computer will manage fine.
If your computer meets these specifications, click here to enter the wonderful world of Elf.

If you have any questions or suggestions, send email to Elf Support.

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Spawn of Elf

Here is an example of the type of composition that Elf can produce:

1344 Horton's Four
London, Bristol,
Belfast (F), Glasgow

2345687 BF-
3468275 BG-
6432758 FL
4362785 FB-
2436857 GB-
8234567 LG

7 part, ATW
84 changes of method